Adriana von Runic

Who is Adriana von Runic?

'Art only serves the truth - Die Kunst hat keinen Zweck'.

I live in Australia. I am a professional flautist and painter traveling the globe exhibiting, teaching, lecturing and performing. I create multi-disciplinary art and cross-cultural events, and promote them globally.
In part I am Bavarian-Serbian, born and educated in Munich with post-graduate education in concert flute at UCD Dublin with Sir James Galway; Art School in Florence, Munich, and Sydney. I am an international exhibitor and a concert flautist. Since 2011 I have taught, lectured, consulted and performed in China. I am a member of numerous arts and musical societies worldwide and a co-founder of the INISCEALTRA arts festival in Ireland. Also, I am a board member of the Art Section Group of Australia.

Adriana’s inspiration

I have used Google map imagery of the continents and places connected to my biography and discovered a pattern of eleven years changes in my life, catapulting me from one end of the world to the other. Start from square one again; take a leap empty handedly into the void. ‘Trust in life and cut the crap’. The patterns also show historic relevance. North and south hemisphere, time zones, antipodes, climate change, culture shock; people gained, and people lost on the path of a post modern life.

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