Monday, 3 August 2015

The map project launch in Australia

Broome, Western Australia - 27 July 2015

In the middle of a tropical paradise with pristine beaches, heat & red desert landscapes the map project was launched in Australia.

This space was specifically chosen to launch this exhibition to absorb the spirit of the land before travelling to more populated areas throughout Australia. Broome has a rich history of art with the local Yawru people's "dreaming" and influences of the colours of the desert, the turquoise of the ocean and extraordinary wildlife. Broome is the breeding ground for whales, sea turtles and dugongs, home to salt water crocodiles, dingoes and snakes. At night a million stars carpet the sky above, a map of the universe, and so the dreaming begins.

A thriving art, music and theatre society with many multi cultural influences from pearl diving, mining and tourism. It is the sort of place that many people visit and some never leave. A perfect place for art and spirit to come together.

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